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Lenny Pozner

Families in grief have the right to do so in peace and dignity

about Pozner

Lenny has been one of the few parents to speak openly about the tragedy and has even offered to dispel myths created and propagated by a small but obsessive cadre of conspiracy theorists known as Hoaxers. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

It can take years to build respect, credibility and a good reputation, but only a few minutes for someone with ill-intent to come along on the Internet and try to impeach it with lies and defamation. Perhaps no one knows this better than Lenny Pozner, whose life was turned upside down when his son Noah became the youngest child slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on December 14, 2012.

Honr network

The HONR Network created by Lenny Pozner believes that decent society should not tolerate those who exploit tragedies and prey on the victims of violent crimes. Americans who’ve lost their loved ones should be allowed to grieve in peace without being harassed, exploited or subjected to online defamation. Unfortunately, the publicity surrounding most high-profile tragedies makes these vulnerable people ideal targets for this kind of persecution
In the wake of recent mass murders such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (in which Lenny Pozner lost his everything, his son NOAH), Boston Marathon bombing, and the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. Conspiracy theorists have descended upon the bereaved like vultures, accusing them of being actors in elaborately staged government plots to deceive the public.  
Then there are the emotionally disturbed and mentally ill individuals who are easily provoked by the false information spread by conspiracy theorists. They target the surviving family members and stalk them relentlessly, issuing tangible threats and often telling the victims that their loved ones didn’t die—or worse yet—never existed.